Author John Green’s incredible life, and what it could mean for media marketing

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I first got myself a Facebook account in 2008 only because my friend was hugely crushing on a girl he was super excited to tell me all about and have me meet, and I guess the way to do this in the 21st century is through social media. But by then Facebook had far exceeded the threshold of usership past which everyone would switch to and stick with it just because all their friends were using it, so I stuck around, and a couple of my friends there managed to accidentally expose me to the Vlogbrothers through their constant fangirl wall posts.

So I got to know John and Hank Green, two brothers in their late 20s at the time, as they did a collaborative Youtube vlog in which each would record himself talking to the other for four minutes about whatever he had on his mind. More


Bittersweet endings

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I, and most people who are into literature and stories and things, really like sad stories, and I’ve never been totally sure why this is.

I, and most of the people I know, consider myself to be a generally positive, optimistic person. I like to believe in the best in people and situations, and I live my life in opposition to pointless drama. But, for some reason, I appreciate it more than anything when a story really gets me going with some profound sorrows. The same goes for the rest of the world too, I guess, since pretty much every great, timeless novel I can think of has a sad ending. Maybe not Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King? No, even that’s kinda sad. See? Great literature is not a place you go to cheer yourself up.

Here’s a couple possible explanations: More